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Most panels are constructed of five layers: a core, flanked by cross-banded polar veneers, and topped with mahogany face veneers.
Glue is applied between each layer and the panel is then pressed. The direction of the wood grain alternates with each layer to give the surface greater strength and warp resistance.






Book matched South American mahogany
with black ebony inlay and ribbon cut
mahogany banding

Careful Preparation

With computer generated drawings and wood selected, Kittinger cabinetmakers are almost ready to begin preparing the pieces. Almost. First, the Kittinger mill must cut the parts. A single pattern can combine as many as several hundred parts, including the top, sides, drawers, doors, dust panels, moldings and legs, to name a few. There is no such thing as mass assembly at The Kittinger Furniture Company. So each time a new pattern is introduced, or an exquisite design is modified, new knives must be ground. Templates for each knife are made by hand. Even when cutting previously produced patterns, knives must be frequently reground to maintain accuracy. For each pattern, special fixtures must also be constructed to secure the wood during mill production. These fixtures ensure that pieces are cut consistently with each repetition.

Building Furniture to Last
The Kittinger Furniture Company builds its furniture to last for generations– and solid mahogany is used when appropriate. However, most flat surfaces are constructed of five layers to ensure warp-resistance and stability. The core of a flat panel is typically a five ply construction. Glued to each side of the core is a cross–banded veneer. Mahogany face veneers are applied to both sides, completing the panel. The direction of the wood grain alternates with each layer appliedto give the surface greater strength.


Before application, face veneers are
carefully inspected. Veneers that pass
inspection are slip–matched and book–
matched to closely align the direction
and configuration of the grain, as well as its color and density.

To look at a Kittinger cabinet or table
is to see nature’s artwork magnificently
displayed. Grains are perfectly matched
on the veneers of tops, doors and drawers.
Solid woods could never achieve such
exquisite beauty.

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