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KC 3812 with a high gloss finish

Multiple Steps to Finishing
When a fully assembled piece arrives at the
Finishing Department, its journey has just begun.
It may take as much as 50 hours of handwork
and as long as three weeks to finish.
The Kittinger Furniture Company’s elaborate
finishing process can require as many as 21 steps.
Finishing demands a discerning eye and yearsof
experience. Kittinger craftsmen carefully prepare
surfaces to reveal the wood’s full depth and
character. Wood is rubbed with steel wool and
sandpaper to highlight cathedrals and swirls in
the mahogany grain.

Custom designed shine

While many of finishes are available, every finish can be categorized as either open– or closed–pore. Open–pore finishes are satiny, while closed–pore finishes have a glossier look. To create a closed–pore finish, the wood’s pores are covered with a paste filler and then wiped clean. The surface is then protected with a sealer. After several coats of sealer are applied and sanded, the surface is padded with a variety of alcohol stains. Kittinger experts blend red, blue, orange and brown stains to sharpen contrasts and add depth and patina. Three coats of lacquer provide the final protection. Thorough drying time and sanding are required between coats. After the final coat has dried, the lacquered finish is rubbed with pumice, ground wax and oil to remove imperfections and bring out the shine.

Every pane of glass is separated by
wood mullions and hand glazed.

All the trimmings
Lighting may be custom–designed to illuminate glass–enclosed display cabinets. Dozens of tiny museum lights are wired and placed into a wood strip, which is then discreetly housed in the cabinet, casting a subtle glow on the treasures inside. The glass is hand–cut and hand–glazed into mitered, mullioned doors, pane by pane.

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