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Cabinet maker hanging a door





Applying hand glazes to
enhance the finish

Details make the difference
Every detail speaks of quality craftsmanship. For example, in keeping with 18th century cabinet–making techniques, drawers are flush–fit, with bead moldings applied by hand. Each drawer is individually planed and hand–fitted to draw smoothly. Hardware is made of hand–cast solid brass. Dust panels are placed in the drawers of every desk so when the bottom drawer is pulled out, the floor beneath the desk is not visible.

Individually, such details may seem minute. But collectively, they create a piece of furniture that mirrors the sophistication of its makers. The Kittinger Furniture Company takes great pride in its apprenticeship program for carvers, cabinetmakers, finishers and upholsterers. Apprentices begin by learning techniques for sanding,

fitting, and joining. Initially, they may gain experience by
working on a chair or small table. Apprentices work
alongside master craftsmen so over time, the apprentice will learn to perform more difficult tasks such as fitting drawers,

Hand striping an inlay line by applying a
laquer coat to contrast inlay against the finish

hanging doors and applying moldings. It is a great achievement to be able
to work on an elaborate piece –to perhaps assemble an executive desk.

Approaching the finish line
Once a piece of furniture is fully assembled, it is carefully sanded to embolden the
grain. On any piece to be finished with stain, the inlays are “striped” or brushed with
clear sealer to prevent them from absorbing the stain’s dark coloring.
Assembled and striped, the furniture is ready for finishing.
Working one on one
A different craftsman is responsible for each step of finishing.
This specialization ensures a quality finish to every Kittinger piece.
Consistency is key. When finishing dining room tables or two–piece
cabinets, the leaves are installed and cabinet components are fitted
together to ensure uniform shading from table to leaf, from top to


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